Who are We?

Rusingo - Taste of Chennai brings  you traditional and authentic chennai style food products to a modern household. We do not use any garlic or onion in our preparation. It is 100% Natural and 100% preservative free.  All our products are made using traditional methods to ensure great quality and taste. Please Rusingo ! ( Taste and Enjoy)


Our Story


The penchant for home made tongue tingling delicacies and the time constraints of a increasingly fast paced world , make it almost impossible for us to satisfy our needs through home cooked recipe's . Thankfully , Rusingo's intiative is a refreshing change , authentic recipe's of our most sought culinary delights , I and my family have tried most of their offerings and are very happy to be using them . Thank you Rusingo

Palani Loganathan, CEO - Audio Planet

I have been buying Rusingo products for a while and they are all excellent. I specially love the vadams and appalams and the Gongura chutney. Also the snacks and podis are Superb.

Mamtha Nilkar- Saree Designer

I tried Rusingo as I do anyone that says they are selling vadu mango and molagapodi ( Idli Chutney powder). However, when I tasted it , I knew it was the jackpot. Simple things are the hardest replicate . Its about roasting Dals just right or getting the proportions to the right balance. I sure hope the taste remains the same as I wish Rusingo all the best in scaling! Meanwhile I have to get back to my Dosai Molagapodi Breakfast! - 

Nithya Ramakrishnan- Founder , Whitefield Rising

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