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Urad Applam ( 4 Inches)

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Ingredients Include : Urad flour, Salt, Edible Vegetable Oil, rice flour

Papad, papar, papadam, poppadom – it’s known by different names around the country, but this delectable snack has made itself a vital item in every household.

An integral part of meals in some parts of the country, while just an appetizer in others, the papad has been part of Indian cuisine for what seems like forever.

Rusingo's Pappad's are handmade , home made and must try for any pappad lover. We add a hint of Jeera to bring about flavour and have reduced the Soda quantity to not compromise on health.

If you are a Gym Addict or just conscious about your health, alternative to frying the pappad in oil is just cook it on the stove or cook it in the  microwave for 3 mins max, depending on your setting.

Ages ago, that's exactly how our Grand mom's used to make Pappad's, right on the stove.