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Puliogre Mix
Puliogre Mix

Puliogre Mix

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Puliogre rice is a very popular south indian dish. This offering is considered a favourite among south indian gods, so its quite common to see Puliogre rice as a temple  offering in many South Indian temples. 

This ready mix is tastefully is rich in tamarind flavour and has perfect blend of spices too. 

How to prepare ?

1.1 Cup of cooked white rice, 4 Tsp Gingelly Oil , 2 spoons of Ready Mix. 

2. Sautee Puliogre Mix in the Oil until the powder blends well in the oil. 

3. Add the Cooked white rice or brown rice  and mix it with a spoon to ensure flavour spreads equally. 

Secret tip : Puliogre always tastes better when it is served at room temperature  as the  tamarind infuses well with the rice.  

We hope you enjoy this speciality.